Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bridal Beauty Secret

I just experienced an amazing Galvanic Facial treatment - a 30 minute miracle! Using currents to enable ingredients to go deep into the skin, it removes impurities, detoxifies skin, refreshes, hydrates and leaves skin radiant whilst eliminating lines and wrinkles.  Imaging having a Galvanic Facial treatment the day before your wedding or in the lead up to your wedding - the perfect way to wipe wrinkles and years off your face without surgery!!!   Great if you are feeling tired, puffy or dehydrated and is perfect for preparing your skin for your wedding day!  Nicole Kidman swears by the Galvanic Spa and won't go on the red carpet without one.
Treat yourself and your bridal party to the same spa treatment as the stars in the privacy of your home by Lauren Parkinson - Adelaide's premier Galvanic Spa expert - you'll look and feel a million dollars on your big day! 

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