Thursday, February 2, 2012


Their botanical name is Eustoma grandiflorum and among popular common names are Prairie Gentian, Texas Blue-bell, Lisianther, Lisianthus or more affectionatley, Lissis. Available most of the year, they are at their best  in late spring/summer. Lissi's have quite a thin stem that is usually cut between 20 to 70 centimetres and a soft delicate blossom that 'unwinds' it's petals to become a similar size to a rose. There are now also double petal varieties that are described as looking almost like peonies with their abundant bloom. Available in a beautiful  range of hues from pastel pinks and purples, white, cream, yellow, pale green to a vibrant purple there are plenty of options to choose from. There are even two tone varieties available that have 'tipped' petals of pink or purple.
A fabulous choice for a more simplistic contemporary bouquet or a perfect complement to peonies or roses for a more traditional romantic look, as they are not overbearing in any way these gorgeous flowers are an elegant & timeless addition to a very wide range of wedding styles.

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