Friday, February 3, 2012


I simply cannot tell you how much I love a statement necklace. Whether worn all day or as a bold addition to reception attire they are just the ultimate in personality filled glamour. With no end of gorgeous styles, from dramatic crystal pieces, to bohemian chic, to exotic explosions of colour - your statement necklace really can be anything you want it to be and a perfect expression of you. It's also has the added advantage of being a trend with an option to suit any budget. Adelaide's fabulous Miss Martini has a stunning array of statement pieces and would be a brilliant place to start the hunt for your own jaw dropping piece. Good luck!

1. ozzy garcia photography via chasing rainbows kissing frogs 2. brooke courtney photography via a low country wedding 3. tec petaja photography via the knot 4. wedding bee tree photo + cinema via one wed 6. tamiz photography via chasing rainbows kissing frogs

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