Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Of all the ways to make a personal statement, one of the most telling is a woman’s compact. Such a subtle, quiet accessory, yet it’s chosen with care and elegance and asserts volumes about tastes and attitudes.  I just love Estée Lauder’s compacts, which have become collector’s items each year, and are every bride's perfect handbag accessory. Whether you are known for “handbag elegance” or are waiting for the opportunity to treat yourself to something very special, this exclusive jeweller’s designs – filled with Lucidity Pressed Powder – are made to be loved. And of course, they all have the “click and flick” quality. The click is just the right sound of substance when you snap open the clasp - guaranteed to draw the attention and admiration of all your bridesmaids. On my most wanted list is Estée Lauder’s Golden Alligator compact below, a perfectly elegant powder compact for that quick touch up...

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